“Bon-sai” – quite literally means ” tree in a pot”. This is however quite a long way off from anything related to Bonsai. It is one of the most amazing art forms, and the truth is that even the most experienced Bonsai master, are also learning and evolving in their own ways. There is really no point at which anyone could really learn all there is to know about Bonsai.

I have been a student of Bonsai, for over 40 years – first started training trees when I was around 15 years old. I have experemented with all types of trees, plants and never set boundries. While I have aquired a great deal of knowledge and experience, I can assure you everyday is a learning experience and it is enjoyable beyond your wildest imagination. 

If you are scared about your Bonsai tree dying, let me tell you this is part of the learning experience. The reality is that you will lose some trees. It could be for multiple reasons, but the more experienced you get, the more your survival rate will improve.

I have had many people tell me ” I tried Bonsai once, it’s too difficult – my tree died ” – well, this is not a reason to give up, if you persist, the reward is much greater that the loss. Its the same feeling every time a tree is sold, particularly when they have been grown by the owner for several years.

nature, tree, nature conservation

All it takes to start learning the art of Bonsai, is the passion to care for a tree, and give it daily attention
nature, tree, nature conservation
Doug Raymond

locally grown trees

All our Bonsai are locally grown and trained, either from nursery stock or from our own tree cutting. This means they are already climatized

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